Blowing the Minds of Magicians

by scottalexandermagic on November 8, 2014

Scott Alexander. Scott Alexander

I am very excited to announce a new routine that has just hit the magic market to rave reviews. The Missing Link is my handling and routine for the classic linking finger ring plot. I teamed up with my long time friend Bob Kohler and we have collaborated to come up with this release that is literally blowing the minds of all the magicians who witness it.
We recently implemented a new instant download delivery system for the training movies which is being well received by our customers. As soon as they purchase the Missing Link, they instantly get a link for them to download the training movie. This movie contains three complete live performances and the word I am hearing back from those who have watched them, is that each show is fooling them BADLY, over and over again. Magicians have watched the illusion of my visual linking sequence and are simply getting fried!!! This is one I am really proud of, and I am so happy that it’s really making an impact.
Everyone I have heard from who does a linking finger ring already, and just received The Missing Link, have all assured me that The Missing Link is going to replace their old ring routine in their shows.
If you have owned or performed any other linking finger ring routines, before I cannot wait for you to discover The Missing Link!


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