Super Fly – The reviews are in!

by scottalexandermagic on June 21, 2013

super fly high rez final

My latest release has been getting great reviews by fellow performers. Based on an idea from Denny Haney, Super Fly is my routine for the classic cards across premise. This routine is 10 minutes of amazing magic and big laughs. Here’s what a few folks are saying.

Super Fly. Brilliant, adaptable, and well thought out. Oh yeah….I forgot to mention my favorite part of the routine. Not only do you transfer three cards, but this has the added bonus of having the audience pick which three cards will travel. I don’t think that was emphasized enough in the ad. One spectator takes ten cards out to the audience and has three cards selected and returned. The cards selected are not known to the magician until after the cards have traveled. (By the way, magician never handles those cards before they are placed in the envelope after selection). But still, those three cards are the ones that end up traveling. Have I mentioned brilliant????
-Michael Dustman

“Mine arrived today…You hit this one out of park my friend…AWESOME ROUTINE! P.S. I would have paid triple…seriously!”
-Cody Fisher

This is Freaking Nuclear!!!
Genocidal !!!
A Lethal Stage to Audience, Guided Missile D#ck Joke, that Strikes Camouflaged, under the Cloak of a Mysterious Card Trick!
This Routine could end all War and bring Peace to all Nations, by all of Mankind surrendering to the Laughter Mushroom Clouded on the Battlefield of Comedy!
Due to my Exaggerated Grandiosity, and my Size 15 shoes, I’ll need to upgrade to a “Bigger Gimmick”
Thank you Scott for keeping my Arsenal, well Armed!
– Kozak

It was around 1967 and I was stationed in Texas awaiting my orders to Vietnam. I was performing on the weekends at the Ramada Inn in San Angelo, Texas. Always looking for new ideas and routines, I stumbled across a cards across routine in J.G. Thompson’s “My Best” book. I liked the idea and added it to my repertoire exactly as it was described in the book. The effect was so powerful on the audience that I had to use it as my new closer. Even the razor blades could not follow the impact of this effect.
Over the years I added and changed much of the routine and eliminated the use of gimmicked envelopes and with an idea I got from Ken Brooke, streamlined the effect a bit. I added the comedy and after performing it in nightclubs in the Philippines, I made this routine a mainstay in my show. I used this routine with all the changes and improvements throughout my performing career. I developed the routine so that at the end of the effect, I could actually give the deck of cards away to my spectator as a souvenir. He would go home with a full deck of 52 cards and absolutely no clue as to how this impossible effect could be accomplished.
For years magicians have asked me to release my work on this classic effect. Recently I taught my routine to Scott Alexander and he added some great comedy lines and bits of business to this routine. Scott has been killing with it on cruise ships.
I have given permission to Scott to now release this full routine with my changes as well as Scott’s comedy additions.
What would you pay for a full ten to twelve minutes of hilarious comedy and a baffling effect that will be remembered by your audiences? It packs small, is always ready to go, and is easy to learn. You can do it under close conditions or on the largest of stages. Learn this routine and you will use it in your show as I have done for over 45 years.
-Denny Haney

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